Tomato Plant Disease

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Tomato Plant Disease

Messaggioda davefollmers » 12/03/2018, 9:43


I have 25 tomato plants 3 to 4 feet tall. Leaves on 1 plant are curling up into black balls that look like black Brillo pads. I pulled off all the bad leaves they turned my finger a black green color. A few days later more leaves are curled up and black too. It looks like some type black mold, vinegar is not a cure the black goes all the way through the leaves. Today the stem was black all the way down to the roots so I pulled up the whole plant. Last summer I had a similar problem 1 tomato plant had something I thought was blight so I sprayed it for 6 weeks with Blight Control but it finally died anyway. I am not taking any chances this year if any tomato plants look sick i am pulling them up. It is still raining her almost every day and has been raining and very over cast for 2 months. Temperatures were in the 90s then in the 50s for most of last week, 71 yesterday and 79 today. Has anyone had a problem with plant disease?

please help

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